200x300mm Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches (Qty x1000)

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Box Quantity = x1,000

Our Kraft (brown) Paper zip lock stand up pouches offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional pasteurised and retort packaging methods. Ziplock standup pouches are a great long term storage solution for a comprehensive range of applications, including: liquids, powders, granules, chemical products, cosmetics, human foodstuffs, pet foods, fishing baits and microwaveable foods.

Complete with product window, tear notch and zip lock, kraft paper stand up pouches are a low-cost packaging solution provides strong visual impact, which is essential for products aimed at the retail market. Kraft Stand Up Pouches are a packaging solution that are potential replacements for the standard can or jar.

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Capacity Guide

Our 200x300mm Kraft (brown) Paper stand up pouches have an approximate capacity of:

1750g of sugar or 1900ml of water.

(This information is provided for guidance only. Storage capacity is relevant to the density of the material that is to be stored)

Kraft (brown) Paper Stand Up Pouches – Typical Usage Applications

Our kraft paper standup pouches are perfect for the storage of liquid/solid food and non-food items, such as:

  • Food based liquids such as Soups, Gravies and Sauces
  • Powders and Granules such as coffee, tea, sugar and salts
  • Chemical Products such as motoring fluid and cleaning products
  • Snacks such as crisps, popcorn, nuts and confectionery
  • Cosmetics
  • Human Foodstuffs
  • Pet Foods
  • Fishing Baits
  • Microwaveable Foods.

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