300 x 350 High Barrier Shrink Bags (Qty x1000)

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Barrier shrink bags are an excellent means of protecting fresh meats throughout the distribution cycle.

This nine-layer high barrier shrink bag has been developed for packaging food without sharp edges. This makes SHRINKfresh MPA (45) a great choice for meat products and cold cuts, ripened cheese, fresh meat as well as boiled and processed meat. It is also excellent for packaging poultry, be it whole or in pieces. Its shrinking rate of 45% makes every packaged products visually very appealing. Its superior EVOH barrier protects the products against gases and oxygen, which translates into longer shelf life. It really is the best Shrink bag on the market.Please call or email for samples of this product.

An oxygen barrier seals out air to increase the shelf-life and prevent food from spoiling and multiple layers of specially constructed materials protect the integrity of the product. Our strong and durable bags enhance the flavour and appearance of the product from processor to retail store level.

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