Domestic Vacuum Sealer (inc. x2 FREE 200mm x 6m rolls)

£40.49 +VAT

free vacuum sealer rollsBuy food in bulk and save

Get x2 6 metre Vacuum Sealer Rolls with our Domestic Vacuum Sealers

Our domestic vacuum sealers are perfect for domestic use at home or within small professional kitchens.

For use with embossed vacuum pouches, they are an ideal solution for people wanting to extend the use-by-date of perishable foodstuffs. Using embossed vacuum pouches in combination with our vacuum sealer can extend the life of foods by days and even weeks.

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It’s common knowledge that buying in bulk can save you money on your weekly shop. For most people, maximising those savings can be difficult when buying foodstuffs with relatively short use-by-dates; typically the food can reach this date before you have the chance to eat it.

This is where using our domestic vacuum sealer comes into its own – if you take a fillet of salmon or prime steak, wrap it in cling film or foil and place it in the fridge. You could expect it to stay fresh for 2/3 days before it starts to deteriorate. By sealing the food in one of our vacuum pouches (which cost as little as 4p each) you can expect the food to stay fresh for at least 5/6 days.

Domestic Vacuum Sealer Dimensions

Seal Width: Suitable for use with embossed sealer bags up to 300mm in width.
Machine Length: 388mm
Machine Depth: 145mm
Height: 77mm

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