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Eco Pouch

Our Fully Biodegradable Vacuum Pouches and Standup Pouches

We have created a range of biodegradable and compostable vacuum packaging products. An environmentally friendly alternative to standard vacuum pouches and plastic-based standup pouches.

Recycla Pouch

Our Nylon-Free Vacuum Pouches

We have created a fully recyclable and budg-friendly alternative to standard vacuum pouches.

We Are BRCGS Packaging Accredited

We have been BRCGS accredited since 1999; consistently achieving ‘A’ grades, with the past 4 years seeing us awarded the highest rating possible – ‘AA’.

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We Deliver Worldwide

Order online and our website will convert the price into the currency of your choice. We use DHL, Royal Mail and Parcelforce as our international logistics partners – at checkout you can choose a delivery tariff that suits your budget and requirements.

Vacuum Pouches

We typically stock over 8 million vacuum pouches in over 100 indivudual sizes, colours and microns; including: 50 Micron, 65 Micron, 70 Micron, 80 Micron and 90 Micron.

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Stand Up Pouches

Often referred to as Doy Packs, our stand up pouches offer a cost effective alternative to traditional pasteurised and retort packaging methods.

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Vacuum Sealer Bags & Rolls

We stock six standard sizes of embossed vacuum sealer bags and four sizes of vacuum sealer rolls, which are available for next day delivery. Verified to be free of Bisphenol-A, lead and any phthalates. They are heat resistant and can be used for Sous Vide cooking up to 90°C.

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Sous Vide Pouches

Our sous vide bags are perfectly suited to the sous vide cooking process, where high temperatures (up to 120ºC) are required.

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Shrink Bags

Our barrier shrink bags use a 9-layer structure, therefore able to protect the EVOH layer with other useful layers that protects the EVOH gas barrier layer from moisture.

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Vacuum Packers

We supply the complete range of Turbovac vacuum packers – table top, mobile, double-chamber and dip tanks. All supplied with 1,000 FREE vacuum pouches.

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Bespoke Vacuum Pouch Manufacturing

Manufacturing our own vacuum pouches gives us a wide range of advantages; the benefits are passed directly to our customers. We typically manufacture 1,500,000 vacuum pouches per week.

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Film Slitting, Rewinding and Salvage

Our Slitting and Rewinding service is utilised by many major packaging manufacturers in the UK. Using our salvage service can save you money, time and can ensure you achieve maximum yield from all your materials, whether they are damaged, the wrong width for your requirements or are on an incorrect core size.

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