Eco Pouch – 130×200 Clear Biodegradable Standup Pouch

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Eco Pouch Clear Biodegradable Standup Pouches are our 70-micron biodegradable and compostable vacuum pouch.

Gusset Size: 32mm
With Tear Notches: YES

It has a broad range of vacuum packing applications within both the food and non-food industries. The bio-polymer sealing surface is approved for food contact, European Directive EC2002/72, and contains no intentionally added Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in its construction.

Eco Pouch does not contain any PLA (Poly-L-lactic Acid) bioplastic material.
Please Note: Eco Pouch is only compatible with chamber vacuum packing machines. They will not work with vacuum sealers. We have a manufacturing tolerance of +/-15mm.
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Manufactured from a range of natural products, including corn starch, cassava and eucalyptus fibre; Eco Pouch Clear Biodegradable Standup Pouches are 100% compostable in domestic and commercial environments. They are ocean-friendly too, as Eco Pouch Clear Biodegradable Standup Pouches dissolve in marine environments within 26 weeks.

Despite being biodegradable, Eco Pouches have a natural barrier to aroma, oils and grease.

Eco Pouches are suitable for the ambient, chilled and frozen vacuum packaging of:

  • joints of meat both raw and cooked
  • full poultry both raw and cooked
  • cheese blocks
  • non-food products

They are not suitable for the storage of liquids, such as soups and sauces.
However, Eco Pouch can be used for Sous Vide cooking under certain conditions.

Manufactured in the UK
Eco Pouch is manufactured at our BRCGS Certificated vacuum pouch making facility in the North West of England.

Additional information

Weight5.8 kg
Dimensions33 × 23 × 15 cm




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