Recycla Pouch – 200x300mm Recyclable Vacuum Pouch (x1000)

£60.94 +VAT

Recycla Pouch is our 80 micron fully recyclable vacuum pouch.

Suitable for a wide range of vacuum packaging applications including soft meats and cheese, and ‘bone-in’ products such as: lamb and pork chops, strip loins, t-bones, shellfish and crabs. Approved for food contact, European Directive EC2002/72, Recycla Pouch can be recycled with mono PE materials.

Box Quantity: 1,000 pouches

Please Note: Recycla Pouch is only compatible with chamber vacuum packing machines. They will not work with vacuum sealers.
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Weight9 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 22 cm
Bag Type



Colour Tint

Weight Micron