The Vacuum Pouch Company - Manufacturer

Founded twenty years ago, The Vacuum Pouch Company is the UK’s #1 supplier of vacuum pouches and now, we’re making the transition from distributor to manufacturer.

‘We’ve been growing steadily during the past three years, in which our turnover has risen from £3.2m to £5.2’, MD Adam McCormack said. ‘We’ve increased our staff by twenty-five percent, with new team members in the marketing, administration, warehousing and manufacturing departments, to ensure that our first-class record of service delivery is not compromised by our expansion.’

With a portfolio of over 2,500 customers, including Morrison’s, Tesco; Bernard Matthews, Cranswick, Moy Park, Tulip and Arla Foods, The Vacuum Pouch Company has supplied over 80 million vacuum pouches in the past twelve months. A state-of-the-art vacuum pouch manufacturing machine was installed six months ago and is currently producing around 800,000 pouches per month.

‘It’s a highly efficient addition to our capabilities’, Mr. McCormack said. ‘It’s a very fast machine, capable of producing up to 150 cycles per minute and with it,  we can create custom-size bags up to 840mm by 540mm, with tear notches and Euro slots and we’ve just completed a successful trial in the production of 1000mm x 1000mm vacuum pouches.’

Uncertainty about the value of the pound in the post-Brexit business climate has been mitigated for The Vacuum Pouch Company’s customers, since manufacturing now takes place in the UK.

‘The purchase of three additional machines is scheduled for the current financial year’, Mr. McCormack said, ‘with the first two up and running and the third scheduled for installation at the beginning of Q2 of 2017. We’re determined that our continuing growth, the expansion of our services and our investment be a real boon to our customers. They’ll benefit from improved lead times and our ability to deliver custom sizes. We’ll be able to provide an even more responsive service and it’s our mission to supply printed vacuum and standup pouches at prices that are up to fifty-percent cheaper than our competitors, with low minimum runs and fast leads times.’

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